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Project Description makes it easier for .NET developers to access the PST file format. This is a direct C# port of the PST File Format SDK project which is written in C++.

Current Status

Working hard towards an initial release!

09/09/2010 (thoward)

The team is growing! Welcome ccurrens to the project! We are now twice as big of a team as we were only yesterday.

We've taken feedback from the community (and from our own motivations) and decided to proceed in stages.

The first stage will be a MC++ wrapper to the unmanaged library. This will bring the project into the .NET world so it can be used from any .NET language.

The second stage will be a full C# port/implementation which has no dependency on the unmanaged codebase.

The third stage will be a port to Java and/or Python. These will be separate projects however.

05/27/2010 (thoward)

Just getting started. So far primitives.cs and disk.cs are the only files with any content. More to come...

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