How to add new Property ID in message.Properties Collection

Jun 19, 2012 at 1:55 PM

In a PST there are few mails. I am trying to read these mails using PSTSDK and using the message object provided there in. i am able to fetch most of the properties of the message, except few as given below. I believe that if i add these additional properties to the collection, i might be able to fetch value for those.

There are few property ID required to be added to the message.Properties. .

0x003D – PidTagSubjectPrefix                    Data type: PtypString, 0x001F 

0x0E02 – PidTagDisplayBcc                       Data type: PtypString, 0x001F

0x0E03 – PidTagDisplayCc                        Data type: PtypString, 0x001F

0x0E1D – PidTagNormalizedSubject                Data type: PtypString, 0x001F


Similarly For Recipients

0x0FF6 - PidTagInstanceKey                      Data type: PtypBinary, 0x0102

Please advice the procedure, Thank you